Georgian Public Procurement Publication Policy

Georgian Public Procurement Publication Policy data is published as Open Data under CC0 license by State Procurement Agency of Georgia in OCDS 1.1 in the following formats:

  1. JSON

  2. Excel spreadsheet (XLSX)

Additionally, same data is available programmatically via OCDS API (see OpenAPI definition).

Feedback about data published is welcome at email address.

Dataset is refreshed nightly. A subset of procurement data is transferred from e-GP system to opendata warehouse. Then, data is transformed into an OCDS 1.1 format, stored in the OCDS database, indexed for search, and compressed for bulk download.

Data is provided on a tender, award, and contract stages of the contracting process. Tendering information is missing direct links to Documents accompanying Procurement Process (users are offered the URL to Public Procurement portal procedure page for subsequent Document access).

The organization identifier scheme for Georgian buyers, tenderers and suppliers are listed as GE-NAPR (Register of Entrepreneurial and Non-Entrepreneurial Legal Entities, Georgia), the data also includes non-Georgian legal entities, for which the scheme(organization identifier) is drawn is blank (not known). Users may use the country of the organization and the information on, to guess the register that the identifier is drawn from.

Not all dates associated with the contracting process in the e-GP system are included in the OCDS data.

Future planned development:

  1. Publishing data beyond core OCDS 1.1. in extensions using additional fields obtained through e-GP system.

  2. Covering the entire contracting process - publishing data on planning and implementation.

  3. To list individual documents in the e-GP system to the OCDS data with a direct link provided to the document.

  4. Publish dates of Finalization of contract, Winner identified, Selection/Evaluation from e-GP system in OCDS.

  5. Develop API features recommended by API Guidance for OCDS:

    • Custom ordering of releases/records by release date, name or other schema fields;
    • Basic search functionality over releases/records using field schema;
    • A method to access the latest data, i.e. get releases/records changed or deleted since a certain date.